Wireless Digital Gait Analysis System

If you can?t measure it, you can?t improve it!
Go digital, get a G-WALK and easily perform gait analysis in your practice!

What is G-WALK

It?s a powerful, compact, portable system for motion analysis: G-WALK is a wireless inertial sensor able to quickly collect all data regarding your patients? walk. Forget about using a stopwatch or a tape measurer! G-WALK delivers added value to your work allowing you to perform the most relevant clinical tests (Timed Up and Go, Walk, Six Minutes Walking Test, e Turn) and providing more data than you would ever get using traditional measuring tools. All collected data is objective and accurate. It can be reproduced and inter-operator variability is greatly reduced. In only 5 minutes, you'll get a complete and intuitive clinical report following your patient through all of his/her rehabilitation process.


Single sensor, offering many tests, including


Orthopaedics: to choose the most suitable movement aid (O&P applications). To evaluate pre- and post-surgery strategies

Neurology: for the definition of rehabilitation strategies and their follow-up. For the evaluation of disease progression and the effectiveness of medications

Geriatrics: elderly people fall prevention periodical check-ups


A new approach to functional movement analysis. The walk parameters are essential to assess orthopaedic and neurological patients. BTS G-WALK® allows all specialists to select the most effective treatment and monitor its results.


Pocket wireless system based on inertial sensors. Placed on L5, BTS-GWALK® allows to execute a functional analysis with objective, accurate and quantitative data. The sensor is placed around the waist with an ergonomic belt: the patient is totally free to walk, run and jump.


Quick and accurate assessment of motor impairments. Accurate and reliable dataWith BTS G-WALK® the clinician can obtain all the most important information: spatio-temporal parameters, general walking kinematics, pelvis kinematics.


Intuitive and easy to use The actual test is very easy to perform and the resulting reports are automatically generated and supply immediate comparison with normal range results.


Accurate and reliable data. BTS G-WALK® analyzes the walking pattern applying a suite of specific protocols, validated through clinical studies. The key indexes are the result of a 3-years-long study which have been validated by the most advanced clinical centers in the world.


Several analysis protocols available. BTS G-WALK® software includes the protocols to execute several tests, that can be integrated in the patient clinical chart:

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