Dream Brace Ankle Foot Orthoses



No confinement of ankle! No Restriction of movement!

Groundbreaking technology has led to the development of a revolutionary new ankle foot orthosis which corrects and directs your steps.

Freedom of ankle movement

A unique one-way crutch mechanism, the Friction Joint, allows your ankle incredible degrees of freedom and a greater range of motion. The Friction Joint makes bending and stretching your ankle easy. The result - a more natural , stable, and balanced stride.

Functional design for walking

To promote permeability and lighten weight, its creators placed openings at the heel, toe, and calf of the Dream Brace. This highly functional design allows you to once again experience the joy of walking on your own foot. Feel the floor or ground beneath you, and appreciate the rewards of enhanced mobility.

Hygenic, streamlined body

The Dream Brace is made of a fine, sanitary plastic. The leg shell is lined with shot blasts which minimise irritation to the skin. With simple daily care, cleanliness and comfort are maintained.

Easy to wear. Perfect fit.

Simply fit the Dream Brace to your lower limb and fasten the velcro tabs. If necessary, apply a lower thigh pad for fitting adjustment. Unlike conventional AFOs, the Dream Brace does not inhibit your movements but eliminates pressure discomfort.

Dream Brace

On slopes, you will truly realise the functionality of the Dream Brace.Unlike conventional AFOs, the dream brace allows you to walk in natural form even on slopes. Conventional AFOs hinder ankle movement which results in shorter strides and awkward sidling.



  1. leg shell
  2. foot plate
  3. friction joint
  4. upper velcro tab
  5. lower velcro tab
  6. belt loop
  7. lower-limb pad
  8. inner pad at the joint
  9. dial-lock screw

The Dream Brace removes the need to edge yourself down or up a slope therefore reducing your physical restriction and stress.


How to apply the Dream Brace

>Unfasten the upper Velcro tab. Loosen the lower velcro tab. >Unfold/Stretch the Dream Brace to the fullest >Sit down on a chair and place your foot between the lower velcro tab and the foot plate.
>With your foot bottom firmly resting on the foot plate, fit the leg shell onto your calf. >Fasten the upper velcro tab.

Structure of Dream Brace To Physicians/Prosthetist-Orthists

A dial lock mechanism (adjustable, movable part) is employed at the joint part of the Dream Brace. At the time of shipment, the dial is set at plantar flexion of 20 degrees. Prior to patient use of the Dream Brace, adjust the angle of the joint according to your patient's ankle joint. Refer to the chart for instructions.

If there is contact between the joint part and the medial/lateral (inner/outer ankle), apply a piece of felt to reduce the pressure. Slight adjustments are possible with a heat gun; however make sure the process is done by a P.O. Do not disassemble the joint.



Size and weight

Three sizes are currently available for each side.
Small (21.5cm to 23.5cm) - 200g
Medium (23.0cm to 25.0cm) - 225g
Large (24.5cm to 26.5cm) - 265g

  • Material

    Body - polypropylene
    Joint - stainless, nylon, silicon, felt, brass
    Velcro - felt, nylon

  • Durability

    Durability tests were conducted under the following conditions: 34 times/min., with 59 degrees of range of movement. As a result. Even after 300,000 times no damage to the joint observed. These results indicate that Dream Brace has at least a 3 year durability, when used by a person with mild hemiplegia who walks 1 km (approx. 2000 steps) every day.

  • Code: AFOD



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