Aquaplast Splinting Material

Rolyan Aquaplast range of thermoplastics

Aquaplast splinting materials are available in a range of mouldability, thickness, perforation and color options, and in a choice of instant-bonding "original" and material coated with a non-stick surface (indicated by a "T"). All Aquaplast materials offer properties that simplify splintmaking and modifications, such as:

Aquaplast Original

Instant Bonding Splinting Material

  Aquaplast Original Splinting Material
color thickness size quantity solid OptiPerf 19%
white 1.6mm 46 x 61cm 1 sheet A96430 ---
white 3.2mm 46 x 61cm 1 sheet A96431 ---
beige 1.6mm 46 x 61cm 1 sheet A96436 A96435
beige 2.4mm 46 x 61cm 1 sheet A96439 A96444
beige 3.2mm 46 x 61cm 1 sheet A96437 A96438




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