Back Tone 4000: Posture Trainer / Biofeedback device

Re-train your body to great posture in just 20 minutes a day

BackTone 4000 - A biofeedback device for re-training postural habits. Worn for short periods daily, BackTone beeps whenever the wearer slouches. Straightening up turns the beep off. Users wear their BackTone during everyday simple tasks. Each time they slouch BackTone beeps, and continues to beep until they correct their posture. BackTone re-trains postural habits and allows you to extend your treatment regime even further.

Just knowing how to correct your posture is not enough to achieve a change in your actual habit. Our body uses learnt motor patterns to perform everyday activities. When we sit, stand, walk or move - our body follows previously learnt motor patterns. If your body has learned to slouch - that's what it will do. BackTone helps you re-train that motor pattern.

The new BackTone 4000 has:

Update - New Features

  • Vibration Alert - The Back Tone now features the option to switch from sound alert to vibration alert (vibrating similar to a mobile phone).
  • Softer straps - straps are softer now which improves comfort as well as makes folding/storing the product easier.

BackTone changes your body's habitual posture - easily.



Health Practitioners

Teach your clients correct posture and then with BackTone, change their postural behaviour and habits.

Important Information for Health Practitioners

Backtone Retrains Posture Habits Like No Other Strategy:

  • 1. Sufficient Time - It takes at least 21 days to change any habit. Wear BackTone for 20 mins, a couple of times a day for as long as you like - and actually change the habit. Can your current training strategy be applied daily for at least 21 days?
  • 2. Train/Feedback/Practice Regime Wear BackTone to learn good posture during activity. Then REMOVE IT and practice without the feedback. Daily non- wearing is just as important as wearing. This allows the training to naturally flow into everyday activities.
  • 3. Avoid fatigue BackTone is designed to be easily removed by the user before their muscles fatigue. Once muscles tire they won't learn much at all. In fact, muscle fatigue may actually contribute to slouching and slow down the learning process.
  • 4. Easily and Immediately Adjustable BackTone is easily adjusted by the user even during a single training session. This allows them to set the training to their current status and task.
  • 5. Users Develop Confidence and Skill The capacity to apply, adjust and remove the device yourself encourages clients to notice and manage their own posture. BackTone users will know when they're slouching and do something about it, and will tend to alter environments such as computer setup, office chairs and seating of their own accord.

BackTone gives you the tools to provide a comprehensive program that results in real change in posture habits.

BackTone is a biofeedback device worn for short periods daily, for 3 - 3 weeks. BackTone allows you to change your client's behaviour as part of the treatment program.

Wear BackTone for about 20 minutes at a time during daily tasks. Whenever you slouch, BackTone emits a beep which continues until you straighten up. Without even consciously thinking about your posture, you will straighten up whenever BackTone beeps (in order to stop the sound).

You will soon become accustomed to moving and performing tasks with the desired posture rather than your habitual slouch.


 Features of the new BackTone 4000


3 sizes available

Waist (cm) Size
Up to 83cm (34 inches) Small
Up to 100cm (39 inches) Medium
Up to 132cm (52 inches) Large


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