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Omron Body Fat Analyser HBF-202

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Body Fat Analyser

What is body fat percentage?

Body fat percentage refers to the total amount of body fat mass in regards to the total body weight expressed as a percentage. Body Fat Scales will give your specific body fat percentage and body weight. They are also an excellent tool to estimate your body fat percentage and measure body weight on a continuous schedule.

Body fat percentage (%) = {Body Fat Mass / Body weight} x 100

Body fat reading is affected by change of water content in the body

A person's hydration level and blood circulation may have an effect on their body fat reading. In the table below are some situations which could affect the reading

Cause of FluctuationsExamples of Fluctuation
Water and food intake1 to 2 hours after breakfast, lunch, or dinner
Changes in blood circulationAfter taking a bath or shower, immediately after exercising, in extreme environments (warm or cold), during illness or extreme fatigue

Advice for Measurement

If the soles of your feet are dry or the temperature of your feet or the electrodes are extremely cold, it will not be possible to obtain stable measurements, which may lead to display error indication or inaccurate results. Please pay special attention in winter because the air is dry and/or the temperature is low

Feet are drySlightly moisten soles of your feet with a wet towel, then measure
When you step onto the electrodes, they feel coldAllow the electrodes to warm by leaving the unit in a warm room for approximately ten minutes.
Your body and feet are cold due to the blood not circulating wellWarm your feet by immersing in hot water or staying in a warm room. Make sure the feet are dried properly.

Recommended times for measurement

Understanding the normal changes in your body fat percentage can help you in preventing or reducing obesity. Being aware of the times when the body fat percentages shift within your own daily schedule will assist you in obtaining an accurate trending of your body fat. It is recommended to use body fat analyser in the same environment and daily circumstances.

Daily activitiesRecommended time for measurement
Waking Up 
After Waking UpRecommended Time
<< 2 hours >>  
Before lunch and about 2 hours or more after breakfastRecommended time
<< 2 hours >>  
In the afternoon about 2 hours or more after lunch and before taking a bath or eating dinnerRecommended Time
Taking a bath / Easting dinnerAvoid measurement immediately after bathing or eating dinner
<< 2 hours >>  
Before going to bed and about 2 hours or more after dinnerRecommended time
Going to bed 

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