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  • Professional HD Video & Print Handouts
  • Fast and Easy to Use
  • Website Available 24/7
  • Improve Compliance & Proper Client Technique
  • Smartphone, IPad, Web based, works for Macs & PCs
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Get started right away - no installation disc required

Exercise Pro Live is fantastic. My patients do their home programs so much better, now that they can see a video. And they can watch them on their own schedule, anywhere they want.
-Daniel T. DPT

Sample Reports

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Stand-alone / CD Version

Exercise Pro is designed for the use of Health & Fitness Professionals, to assist in prescribing exercises for patients and clients, with a particular emphasis on Rehabilitation. Active Care is designed particularly for the Chiropractor, with fewer of the rehabiliation exercises, and consequently a lower INVESTMENT.

"Why use exercise prescription software at all? To answer this question, one needs to look at existing non-computerised methods of exercise prescription. Some card systems or books can be photocopied to give exercise sheets to clients. Handwritten sheets of exercises can be given to clients by "artistic" practitioners. Some practitioners just give verbal instructions to clients.

The aim of all this is to actually get the client to do the exercises when unsupervised. One thing is obvious - the clearer the instruction in written form, the more likely they are to do the exercises, particularly if they understand WHY they are doing the exercises. BioEx programs are designed to help YOU get CLEAR instructions to clients and with the Education Topic feature, it can also help you to EDUCATE the patient.

Exercise Categories

In the following categories you can find hundreds of individual exercise prescriptions:

Face TMJ Cervical
Lumbar Dynamic Thoracic
Abdominal Sacroiliac Hip
Ankle/Foot Shoulder Knee
Elbow/Wrist Hand/Fingers Neuro/Spinal Cord
Incontinence Cardiopulmonary Pregnancy
Geriatrics Aquatics Amputee
Yoga Pilates Pediatrics
Power/Agility Functional Leg Functional Reach

Features of Exercise Pro are extensive making it the ultimate exercise software. It is a complete system, no extras to buy, at ONE fair price with no additional monthly or annual fees. You receive over 3200 unique exercises that print out with clear instructions and illustrations. And with over 160 Education Topics, many with pictures, the software is versatile and comprehensive. It is a Total Care Package. Quickly and efficiently deliver research and evidence based exercises to your patients. Exercises can be printed in English, Spanish and French! Exercise Pro has EVERY feature that other programs have AND MORE! For a generalized comparison continue reading.

First, lets look at what BASIC standard features that every program should have. Most programs can do the following things although, believe it or not, some still do not have this basic functionality. If it will not do the simplest functions our program will do, you are wasting your money.

  1. Edit text, change exercise names and create exercise variations.
  2. Print in different formats, print a date grid and a chart copy, and print with your logo.
  3. Create summary reports of patient programs, change exercise order, and make protocols.
  4. The ability to add your own exercise AND to make basic illustration edits.

Now, in addition to this basic functionality, look at what ours will do on top of that.

Allowing this variety not only improves your efficiency and productivity, it means that ANYONE can find the exercise they want.


For ease, speed, and reduction of confusion, only two screens need to be accessed for most applications. No more "getting lost" in a jumble of multiple screens. The search screen is the home base and the key for easy exercise selection.

 Download A Full Demonstration Copy

The Exercise Pro software can be run in demonstration mode allowing you to see all of its features. When you purchase online you will receive an activation code allowing you to use the software immediately.

 Buy Exercise Pro

When you purchase you will receive a download link and a registration code, in addition a CD will be shipped.

Exercise Pro includes free email and phone support.

Exercise Pro Standalone Copies:

Exercise Pro Software - 1 standalone copy   Click here to order
Exercise Pro Software - 2 to 5 standalone copies - Click here to order
Exercise Pro Software - 6+ standalone copies Call us for a quote: 1300 785 786
Upgrade a single copy to Version 5 from Version 4 of Exercise Pro   Click here to order
Upgrade to Version 5 from previous version of Exercise Pro Call us for a quote: 1300 785 786
Exercise Pro - Educational Version (for Schools) Call us for a quote: 1300 785 786

Exercise Pro - Network Version:

Exercise Pro - 5 User Local Area Network Version*   Click here to order
Exercise Pro Additional Network Licenses (5 User Netwok version must be purchased first)*   Click here to order
Exercise Pro 3 Pack of Network Licenses (5 User Network version must be purchased first)*   Click here to order
Exercise Pro Citrix, Terminal Server, and/or Wide Area Network* Call us for a quote: 1300 785 786
Upgrade to SQL Server Version (Recommended for installs of 10 or more clients) Call us for a quote: 1300 785 786
Upgrade to Version 5 Network version from previous versions Call us for a quote: 1300 785 786

* When installed as a network, Exercise Pro may be on as many workstations as you desire in one physical location. Our network system is licensed by the number of concurrent users or copies open at the same time in conjuction with number of physical locations sharing the network.

Return Policy:

Due to the sensitive nature of software and the threat of computer piracy, we do not provide refunds or returns on software purchased. We do offer full working demonstration versions of all of our software. If you are not sure the software is right for you please click here to download the free full working demonstration version and carefully review it before you make a non-refundable purchase.

 System Requirements

Client/Standalone Requirements

If you purchase the Local Area Network Version the Server requirements are:

 Example Search Screens

›   "Exercise Pro enables our staff to design custom exercise programs which include both visual feedback and clear, concise instructions for our patients. Added features we appreciate are the bilingual capability as well as the various education topics."
-Jorge Orozco, PT, NCS
Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center



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