Strengthen Your Back & Neck For life Video/DVD

Produced and tested by healthcare practitioners in association with experienced personal trainers, Strengthen Your Back & Neck For LifeT focuses on maximum results for all levels of fitness. It allows you to progress at your pace by starting with simple exercises and gradually moving into more advanced workouts. All you need is a mat and comfortable clothing.

In Strengthen Your Back and Neck For LifeT Tanya MacDonald, a qualified exercise physiologist with extensive experience in rehabilitative exercise therapy and personal training will lead you step by step through your core strengthening program. Her encouraging approach to personal training will be a very effective way to make exercises part of your total fitness plan.

Core Muscles and Core Strength

Ther term 'core stability' (or core strength) is being used with increasing frequency when concerned with exercise rehabilitation and back and neck strengthening. So, what does it involve?

Your spine provides the supporting frame for the trunk of your body. Attatched to this frame is a complex system of nerves, muscles and ligaments that increase its strength and stability.

Most of us are familiar with the 'six pack' muscles known as the rectus abdominus. When we do sit ups, they are the muscles that we are strengthening. When we do sit ups to the side we strengthen the oblique muscles.

However, underlying all of this and not visible to the eye are some very deep muscles which are largely responsible for your balance, stability, posture, and core strength. The key component of this musculary system is a deep abdominal muscle called the transversus abdominus.

The exercises in this program are divided into two levels

If you are new to core strengthening exercises you amy wish to start at the Beginners level for at least six weeks before moving onto the Advanced level or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner or personal trainer. The Beginners level offers important information about the technique of abdominal 'bracing' that you need to perform throughout the entirte program. As you improve, very slowly, very gradually you may advance to the next level.

These exercises can be performed at any time of the day that is convenient for you. However, exercising immediately after getting up in the morning can be harmful to the spine. It is best to do the exercises after a shower or at least 30 minutes after gettting out of bed.

Core strength exercises are not designed to fatigue the muscles to exhaustion, rather they build strength and flexibility. You may experience some soreness as your body experiences changes, however, you will not experience debilitating soreness. Please consult with your helathcare practitioner or personal trainer if you have any concerns about the exercises you are doing.


  • Available as DVD or Video
  • Produced by healthcare practitioners in Australia.
  • 2 complete programs for beginners and the more advanced.
  • Professional advice on optimal posture
  • Printed Program Guide included
  • Presented by a qualified expert in personal training.

The video consists of 2 complete core strength exercise and stretch programs.Below are some examples of some exercises in the ADVANCED section.

Advanced Level

1. Abdoinal Stability with Leg Lift

This exercise will teach you how to contract your deep abdominal muscles while moving the legs. This improves your spinal stability in activities such as walking.

2. Bridging with Leg Raise

This exercise helps to strengthen the muscles of the deep abdominal area, the low back and the hips as well as improving your balance.

3. Abdominal Stability Curl

This exercise helps to strengthen the muscles of the entire abdominal area, including the deep abdominal muscles as well as rectus abdominus otherwise known as the 'sic pack'.

4. Opposite Arm & Leg Raise on All Fours

This exercise helps to strengthen the deep abdominal and back muscles to improve spinal stability.

5. Hover

This exercise helps to strengthen the muscles of your lower back, deep abdominal area, as well as improving your upper body strength.

6. Side Hover'Quadratus Lumborum'

This exercise helps to strengthen an important muscle in the lower back called the quadratus lumborum.

7. Chest Riase

This exercise helps to strengthen the muscles of your upper and lower back to improve your posture.

8. Neck Isometric Exercises

These will help to strengthen your neck muscles. You will perform these exercises usingyour hands for resistance.

9. Wall Squats

this exercise will help to strengthen the muscles of the lower legs. In an activity such as lifting, strong legs will reduce the strain on the lower back.

10. Stretches

Stretches are included in this program to improve your flexibility and reduce the risk of strain on your back.

Are you a healthcare practitioner caring for patients suffering from back or neck pain? Are you a personal trainer aiming to assist your clients to achieve optimum core strength and stability?

Purchase the DVD or video, at Medium or Large order prices, for resale to your patients or clients at a recommended retail price of $35.00 inc GST. The exercises are to be performed by the patient or client at home using the prescription chart included in the program guide. You simply tick the appropriate exercises for them to follow, they do the rest!

The program

Audio-visual material

Printed Program Guide


"At age 58 and having always been interested in keeping a fit body, I have tried many different aerobic workouts and exercise tapes, books and videos. I am delighted to have found this Core Exercise Video which strengthens the spine. It is exactly what I have been looking for to maintain a good posture and healthy spine. I have particularly found the neck exercises helpful. This video is one that is effective and attainable for all age groups - well done."

- Patricia W.

"For as long as I remember, I have had severe pain in my lower back and knees. I have religiously been performing the back strengthening exercises as portrayed in the video tape, which I have found to be extremely helpful. My quality of life is restored, and I thank you."

- Darren D.

"I would like to verify the excellent results I have gained from the exercise video. I have noticed that provided I continue the exercises each day, I have little if any back pain. I am pleased that I commenced the exercises."

- Margaret. S.



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