Dyna Ankle Dynamic Ankle Orthosis Prevent Ankle Joint Distortions

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Ankle joint distortions with lateral ruptures are commonly caused by forced plantar flexion-supination. This usually affects the anterior talofibular ligament making it important to relieve ligamentous strain during orthotic treatment.

Dyna Ankle, the dynamic ankle orthosis designed for functional treatment, places the foot in moderate pronation and dorsiflexion. The dynamic restraint limits plantar flexion and supination (best reduction rate in comparison*), while pre-serving range of motion in pronation and dorsiflexion.

The latest comparison tests confirm that the Dyna Ankle provides the "best possible protection" with maximum comfort.

Applying the Orthosis

Place the foot inside the plastic shell and slide the heel to the back Pull the lower hook and strap from the inside of the foot across the top of the foot, through the outer plastic guide, and tighten the strap so that the heel fits snugly in the shell.
Put the upper hook and loop strap through the plastic loop and fasten it Fasten the hook and loop strap on the forefoot aswell
Slightly stretch the elastic functional strap and fasten it. The shape of the orthosis and tension of the strap ensure that the joint is correctly positioned and reduce displacement. To put a shoe on over the orthosis, make sure the laces are very loose so that the shoe will slip easily.


SmallEuro 35 - 37 / US Mens < 5 / US Women < 6
MediumEuro 37 - 39 / US Mens 5 - 7 / US Women 6 - 8
LargeEuro 39 - 41 / US Mens 7.5 - 8.5 / US Women 8.5 - 9.5
X-LargeEuro 41 - 44 / US Mens > 8.5 / US Women > 9.5

Application, design, and fitting of the orthosis

The trimlines and straps are positioned to leave the outer ankle free, and allow for immediate application following injury. Pressure points are avoided and heat and ice may be applied with the orthosis in place.

After serving as an initial mobiliser during the first two weeks, and subject to the physicians approval, the orthosis may be worn during weight bearing activities. For stability, the Dyna Ankle is generally worn six weeks both day and night and should only be removed for bathing.

The injection moulded polypropylene orthosis may be slightly modified with heat. Do not heat to temperatures exceeding 90°C (194°F)

We've included extra long hook and loop straps with the Dyna Ankle, which should be shortened to the appropriate length during fitting. The orthosis is waterproof and easy to care for.

Features of the Dyna Ankle

  • The Dyna Ankle Orthosis is multifunctional: without shoe it can be used for stability while sleeping and, subject to physician's approval, it may be worn in the shoe during weight-bearing activities.
  • Suitable for immediate post-traumatic application
  • Local treatment, such as applying ice, is possible with the orthoses in place
  • Open outer ankle design avoids pressure points
  • Can be custom fitted by the orthopaedic technician
  • unique foot plate shape and the dynamic restraint system offer precise guidance
  • Ideal pressure distribution
  • Hygenic

In 1996 the Otto Bock Dyna Ankle Orthosis recieved the coveted Design Award at the Industrial Design Forum in Hanover, Germany.

Average reduction of the angle of supination achieved through the tested orthoses in comparison with barefoot jump.

*J. Matussek, Testing ankle orthoses by means of new plyometric technique - Recieved the MOT-award in 2000
Published in: Med. Orth. Tech 120 (2000) p72-81 (646D103, in German)



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