Footlogics Medical Orthotics Range

Footlogics orthotics control excessive foot pronation, resulting in improved alignment of the lower limb and a more even distribution of load under the foot. Our products feature Dual Layer Orthotic technology® to ensure optimum biomechanical control and maximum walking comfort. Your Footlogics prescription can be fine-tuned using orthotic wedges. Footlogics orthotics can be heat-molded if desired.

The Footlogic Range:

About the Density

Footlogics has chosen blue coloured eva which is very tolerable for most Patients, and allows the Practitioner to have excellent control for mild to medium dysfunction. Footlogics manufacturers for the International market and the 290 eva has proven to be the most suitable for all foot types. Rather than stock many densities, it is suggested that this one density be held and then any "special" needs be addressed by Footlogics "Sensi". We feel that the choice with pre-made orthotics has become confusing and difficult to manage-we offer effective therapy with simplicity


Why choose Footlogics Medical Range?

» Priced up to 40% below competing brands
» Effective orthotic therapy
» Excellent biomechanical control
» High tolerance for most foot types
» Proven orthotic proviles
» Orthotic prescription can be fine-tuned with wedges and additions
» Quick and easy to dispense
» 100% Australian owned


 Footlogics Full Length

Fitting: When fitting a full-length orthotic in athletic footwear and work boots you'll often find that some type of flat insole or lining is present. Please remove this before fitting the orthotics. Full-length Footlogics orthotics can be trimmed to size to fit your patient's shoes. Any pre-existing loose insole or lining can be used as a template to trim the orthotic, or simply follow the trim lines at the underside of the device.

 Footlogics ¾ Length

Fitting:Use the sizing chart below to determine the correct size for your patient. For greater accuracy in fitting a 3/4 length orthotic, place the device under the patient's foot and make sure the distal edge of the orthotic finishes about 5-10mm behind the bisection of the 1st Metatarso-phalangeal joint (see photo to the right).

 Add orthotic wedges and/or heel lifts, if required

To fine-tune your orthotic prescription, you may add orthotic wedging to the plantar surface of the device. For example, some patients with severe excess pronation may need an additional Rearfoot Varus wedge under the orthotic device providing extra biomechanical control.

A heel lift may be used for patients with Achilles Tendonits or patients presenting with a leg length discrepancy.

 Footlogics Kids Orthotics

All small children have flat feet, however by the age of 4 to 5 the arches will start to develop. However, in many children the foot remains flat, displaying excessive pronation and an abnormal gait pattern. As a result, these children will often suffer from Heel Pain (Sever’s Disease), Knee pain (Osgood-Schlatters disease), general foot pain, ankle pain as well as aching legs.

Footlogics Kids orthotics provide adequate biomechanical support and restore the child’s walking pattern. By re-aligning the child’s feet early on, many biomechanical complaints can be prevented, allowing the feet to develop more naturally. Orthotic features include a deep stablising heel cup and longitudinal arch support.

 Footlogics Wedges and Additions

Rearfoot Varus Wedge

For patients with severe excess pronation and/or flat feet a rearfoot varus wedge can be applied to increase subtalar joint control. The Footlogics Rearfoot post has a 4 degree inclination and is made from extra firm density EVA for maximum effectiveness and long-term wear. The rearfoot wedge is self-adhesive and is placed over the entire heel area with the thicker side on the the medial side of the device.

Forefoot posting

An inverted (varus) orientation of the forefoot can be treated by using placing a wedge on the medial side of the orthotic under the first MTP joint.

In case of a Forefoot Valgus abnormality (i.e. the plantar plane of the forefoot is everted relative to the plantar plane of the rearfoot) a post can be placed on the lateral side of the orthotic. This will also encourage increased propulsion through the Hallux.

NOTE: Footlogics Rearfoot Varus wedges can also be used for forefoot posting, as shown on the right. Please use the small rearfoot wedges (size XS-M) for the larger sizes orthotics (L and XL). You may trim the wedges to size with regular scissors.

Heel Lift

Footlogics heel lifts help reduce the stress on the Achilles Tendon and relieve pain associated with Achilles Tendonitis and Sever’s Disease. They can also be used when a patient presents with a functional or structural short leg by lifting up the shorter leg. The heel lift should be placed under the under the orthotic, right to the back, as shown. Footlogics heel lifts are 8mm high and are made of extra firm E.V.A for long durability.




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