FreeFORM Board

Introducing the FreeFORM Board

What’s the one thing we do in so many sports and activities that we’ve never been able to replicate in the gym? It’s having the ability to move freely and continuously from any body position to any other without restriction.

In its simplest sense, the most unique feature of the FreeFORM Board is its unlimited freedom of movement. No end of range of motion combined with no directional restrictions combine to allow supported body weight exercises that have never before been possible.

The FreeFORM Board allows you to condition every major musclejoint complex in the body through a full range of motion, in every direction, and through every angle and plane of motion. In doing so, FreeFORM provides a simple and natural extension of the body, helping develop functional core strength, mobility, control, balance, flexibility, agility and endurance more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

 Inventing FreeFORM

Tony Susnjara is a yoga teacher, fitness instructor, martial arts practitioner and remedial masseur with a passionate interest in human anatomy, movement and function.

Tony originally designed the FreeFORM Board to assist his students executing a difficult “jump through” yoga maneuver. By allowing them to complete the move correctly while supporting much of their body weight, students were able to, without injury, incrementally achieve the strength, flexibility and coordination required to carry out the full action.

While FreeFORM was initially designed to master one movement, the infinite possibilities soon became apparent and it was identified as a piece of apparatus that can be applied universally to enhance all forms of human movement.

 Philosophy behind FreeFORM Board

The FreeFORM System recognises that when we move in everyday life, and even more so when we undertake strenuous activity, the body is in a state of dynamic flux.

By allowing the body to exercise in a fluid, full range of motion, the FreeFORM System breaks the bounds of traditional training. The FreeFORM Board requires the body to activate the muscles in their roles of movement accelerators, controllers, stabilisers and decelerators which is how they are asked to perform in the real world but not necessarily in the gym. The old boundaries no longer exist.

 Practicality: a real solution

The FreeFORM Board may well be the most practical product solution currently available on the market. The compact design allows for effortless storage freeing up valuable floor space for other activities. With FreeFORM, there is virtually no set up time.

FreeFORM replicates movements from an endless array of other products including Pilates reformers, Pilates chairs, stability balls, suspension systems, rotation disks and more. FreeFORM is multifunctional offering four modes of operation. It is also convenient to transport making it the perfect fit for any fitness facility.

 Design & Engineering: The Difference

The FreeFORM Board is the result of three years of research and development

It was designed as a high quality training tool for elite athletes and professional health practitioners and facilities. Its compact design houses a ‘Swiss Watch’ level of precision engineering. Each and every component in the multi-patented design has been custom developed for a smooth, fluid and seamless user experience.

The FreeFORM Board houses a large internal deep groove ball bearing for silent and ultra low friction rotation. Its main body is constructed of industrial grade glass reinforced nylon. It is supported on 8 polyurethane miniature inline skate wheels housed in custom designed low profile castor forks, each with a double race ball bearing.

The FreeFORM Board has taken the concept of supported body weight training to a whole new level.

There are a number of features that the FreeFORM Board has that no other device in its category has ever had and these features translate into some very important benefits.

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 Personal Training with FreeFORM

FreeFORM Board is a great addition to any personal trainer’s toolbox.

From simple, linear, isolation exercises to whole body integrated functional training, the FreeFORM Board delivers better results in less time and in a novel and enjoyable manner.

Existing FreeFORM users often describe FreeFORM as the most popular piece of equipment in their gym. FreeFORM exercises are easy to progress and regress and the applications are so diverse that PT clients can have a new experience every day.

FreeFORM is most notably a great tool for 360° core conditioning and also offers equally effective upper and lower limb exercises that challenge the body in a whole new way.

 Group Exercise with FreeFORM

FreeFORM is difficult to match as an efficient, effective and enjoyable group exercise workout.

FreeFORM covers all the fitness bases including strength and endurance, balance and mobility, cardio and fat loss. The diversity of FreeFORM exercises makes programming options infinitely versatile.

The price point allows for a great return on investment as does the simplicity of the set up and the compact size; 20 stacked FreeFORM Boards have a smaller footprint than half an indoor cycling bike.

Simple exercise progressions and regressions allow for different fitness levels to participate safely in the same class format.

 Pilates with FreeFORM

As practitioners of a highly refined art form and existing users of high quality precision equipment, Pilates enthusiasts have already adopted the FreeFORM Board as their own.

The FreeFORM Board replicates countless Pilates chair and reformer exercises at a fraction of the cost and space requirements.

Continuous movements and non-linear applications add a whole new dimension to the Pilates repertoire.

Once again, FreeFORM can be applied in a one to one Pilates studio environment and also in a group Pilates context. FreeFORM can also interface with Pilates Reformers and Pilates Chairs and other traditional Pilates tools to further enhance their functionality.

 Physical Therapy with FreeFORM

The FreeFORM Board’s ultra low friction performance allows injured joints and tissues to move with minimal stress and strain.

Supported limbs can move effortlessly in all three planes of motion and can seamlessly change direction. Ankles, knees, hips, spine and shoulders can all benefit from smooth, dynamic mobility work as can the soft tissues in all areas of the body.

With appropriate expert supervision FreeFORM therapy may be applied immediately post orthopedic surgery for certain conditions and is also being used successfully for elite athlete sports therapy.

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Integration with FreeFORM

Most FreeFORM Board applications use FreeFORM as an independent, standalone product. The FreeFORM Board also interfaces seamlessly with many other products, seriously enhancing their functionality. FreeFORM can be used in conjunction with hand weights, resistance tubing, unstable surfaces, cable resistance, medicine balls, whole body vibration and more.

Servicing the Freeform Board

The FreeFROM Board may occasionally need servicing, in a similar way to how a bicycle would need maintenance for best operation. See the following video, which includes a guide on how to tighten wheels should they become loose:



The freeFORM Board is a non-impact, tool that supports multi-planer movement. The ultra low fiction created by the high quality castors can facilitate smooth continuous movements thereby helping to restore pain free function to injured or inflamed joints and soft tissues. The freeFORM Board can also act as an unstable surface and is an excellent tool for building core strength and dynamic stability and mobility. The simple convenience and portability make it a perfect addition to any therapist's tool box.

"The freeFORM Board helps us narrow the gap between the way we train in the gym and the way we play and respond on the field."

Matt Cameron
APA Sports Physiotherapist
Sydney Swans

I am an OT with 15 years Paediatric experience. I have recently starting using the Free Form Board in my practice. I provide a mobile service.

Whilst I acknowledge the benefits of scooterboards in therapy for increased upper limb strength, increased proprioceptive feedback and an increased understanding of space through self-propelled movement; I have stopped using standard scooterboards in recent years due to the fact that they can be hard to propel on certain services and tend to tip when children get on and off them.

The freeform board is in a different league. It is extremely stable and I have had children of all ages and abilities experience the success of independent movement with this board. Because the board rotates it means children can propel and turn themselves easily and negotiate obstacles without getting stuck and frustrated. I have also used this board for implementing specific vestibular programs as there is a feature for the wheels to lock and the board to be used as a rotary board. Young children with low muscle tone are able to experience success propelling with their upper limbs because the castor wheels move so well. With older children I have used the board to challenge their motor planning capacities asking them to zig-zag between obstacles, push off walls and pull with both hands using a rope.

I highly recommend this piece of equipment.

Carly Coleman, BAppSc(OT)
Occupational Therapist
Northern Beaches Mobile Therapy Servic



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