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NEW: Gymstick 2 - Upgraded model

The new Gymstick Original 2.0 makes one of the most functional fitness tools available, even more portable with the new two piece quick lock-mechanism that allows you to pack down your Gymstick to just 75cm for easy storage, training outside, going to the gym or travelling. The foot loops have been slightly enlarged for easier anchoring and durability has been increased even more.

Gymstick is a fitness tool from Finland designed to simplify and effectively combine cardiovascular, muscular endurance and flexibility training. The Gymstick combines stick and resistance band exercise into one effective workout.

Attach the resistance bands to both ends of the stick by using the attachment mechanism and set the loops under your feet. Now you are ready to start working out with the GYMSTICK! You can do hundreds of different exercises and combination movements. You can increase the resistance by quickly rolling the resistance bands around the stick. The combination of the exercise stick and resistance bands is a new way of combining muscular endurance and flexibility training. This allows you to improve your fitness levels safely.

SquatMilitary PressLunge with body rotation
Leg extensionBar RowAbduction
Upright RowStomach Crunch

Achieve real results

Professional athletes, fitness trainers and physiotherapists worldwide use Gymstick because it delivers real results. Gymstick works all the major muscle groups as well as the small supporting muscle groups used for balance and coordination.

Gym stick uses its unique technology to improve:
    » Muscular strength and endurance
    » Fat loss and weight toning
    » Cardiovascular fitness
    » Core strength and posture
    » Mobility, balance, flexibility and co-ordination

Regular resistance training will also boost your metabolism, improve bone health, decrease risk of injury, and help prevent and control type 2 diabetes, heart disease and arthritis.

Exercise booklet

Images above taken from the exercise booklet included. Exercises are shown as 'before' and 'after' for a clear understanding on how to replicate them.

Gymstick Testimonials

The Gymstick is a great fitness tool because it allows you to try endless number of an movements. I have tried many different fitness tools during the 20 years that i have worked as a group exercise instructor, but the Gymstick tops them all. The response from people was extremely positive when i started using the Gym stick in my group workouts. People liked the large variety of movements and the quick changes betweeen them. They also thought that it was easy to increase and decrease the resistance. In addition, people felt that their balance, co-ordination, and muscular strength improved during the exercises.
Tina Hedren
Swedish champion in aerobics 1996, Authorised Feldenkrais pedagogue, Chiball method TM, Chi Yoga, Pilates Master Trainer, responsible for training and product in Scandinavia.

Gym Stick Resistance Levels

Gym Stick fitness tool is available in four different resistance levels. The resistance levels are colour coded from lightest to strongest, and range from 1 to 25 kg

Light (Green)

  • Rehabilitaion workouts
  • Exercise for the elderly
  • 1-10 kg

Medium (Blue)

  • Women, junior athletes who want to start exercising
  • 1 -15 kg

Strong (Black)

  • Fit women, young men, and young athletes
  • 1 -20 kg

Extra Strong (Silver)

  • Fit Men, Athletes
  • 1 -25 kg

Super Strong (Gold)

Gymstick 2 - A more portable solution

The new Gymstick version 2 replaces both the standard Gymstick and also the Telescopic Gymstick. You can now pull the stick apart at the joint in the middle, to pack away after use, for travel, etc. The total length becomes 70cm.


Structure of the Gymstick

1. There are specifically designed stoppers at the ends of the stick for attaching exercise bands. These stoppers are made from soft and enduring rubber. They are custom made for Gymstick exercise bands only.

2. The stick is made from light and durable fibreglass. Its length is 130cm, or as long as the grip of a standard weight lifting bar.

3. The grips are made of soft foam so it is easy to hold the stick even when your hands are sweaty

4. The bands also have a loop at both ends. You can set the loops under your feet or you can hold them in your hands instead. This means that your workouts can be as comprehensive as you like.

5. Gymstick exercise bands are made from premium quality latex rubber. The is specifically designed for exercise, and therefore it is extremely durable and elastic.

6. The exercise bands have an attachment mechanism at both ends. This makes it easy to attach and detach the bands.


What you receive:

Also available



The telescoptic gym stick is made from light and durable fibreglass. The stick consists of 3 pipes. When the stick is extended, it is 117 long; when it is closed it is 71cm long and fits easily into a suitcase.

The Telescopic Gymstick has a simple and durable quick lock mechanism. A part of the quick lock mechanism can be used as a grip during the exercises.

New - Gymstick Pilates DVD

The Pilates Institue are very proud to be associated with the Gymstick product. The Gymstick Pilates Programme will compliment your Pilates training by adding variety and a dynamic approach to your existing Pilates programme. If you are new to the Pilates technique you will learn how to gradually progress and use the Gymstick to enhance your strength and mobility.

The sequences are inspired by the classic Pilates equipment repertoire for the reformer and cadillac, this fantastic portable, practical and effective piece of equipment combines Pilates and fitness into one great package.

Michael King hs been working with the Pilates technique for over 27 years. He originally worked with the technique as a dancer at the London School of Contemporary Dance. From there he went on to train with Allan Herdman, the first teacher to bring Pilates from America to the UK. In 1982 he opened his own studio, Body Control, in connection with the newly formed Pinapple Dance Studios in Convent Garden London. Two years later he was offered a position in Texas managing the Pilates Studio at the Houston Ballet Company where he stayed until 1990. Michael has also worked in the Voight centre in LA, and many other Pilates Studios including Winsor Pilates in Los Angeles. He moved back to Europe in 1995 where following a two year contract in Switzerland he returned to London. Michael's reputation as a renowned presenter in both Fitness and Pilates has been established since 1980. His is the founding director of the Pilates Institute in London and his programs are taught in over 20 countries worldwide.

Customer Feedback

›   As a personal trainer I was looking for a something that is versatile and enables me to give the client a great workout - the gym stick seems to provide this, as the variety and ease of the exercises combined with the light construction make this a great product!
Greg, Carrum, VIC



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