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 F-Series are for Fitness

New!  Polar FT1

First Step - For those who want to take the first step into heart rate-based training.

New!  Polar FT4

Fitness Improvement - For those who want basic heart rate-based features to keep their fitness training simple.

New!  Polar FT7

For Clear Training Guidance - For those who want to know if they're improving their fitness or burning fat.
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 FT Series for Cross Training

  Polar FT7 (replaces FT40)

For Clear Training Guidance - For those who want to know if they're improving their fitness or burning fat.

  Polar FT60

Reach your fitness targets with the FT60's personalized training program. It sets new targets by adapting to your personal training habits


Supreme Precision for Endurance Athletes — For endurance athletes who want precise coaching to perfect their training.

NEW! Inbuilt GPS  Polar RC3 GPS

For recreational runners and cyclists who want integrated GPS with smart guidance.

Polar a360 Fitness Tracker

NEW! Polar Loop  Activity Tracker

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 Polar RS Running Computers


Polar RS300X & RS300X (SD)

...combine heart rate with speed and distance to truly make sense of your training and be sure it's worth all the effort!

New! Polar RS400

Take your training to the next level. New software and ECG accurate heart rate...
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 Polar Monitors for Cycling

Polar CS100

For recreational riders and for those who want an affordable computer for their cycling training

Polar CS600

Polar CS200cad

Including Speed & Cadence

Polar V800

Polar V650

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 Polar Accessories

Polar Chest Straps & Transmitters

Polar Cycling Accessories


Polar Computer Accessories


Polar Running Accessories


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Can you use your Polar Monitor when swimming?

All Polar monitors (receivers) may be used for swimming with the exception of the RS800 and CS600.

The receivers are water resistant to 20, 30, 50 or 100 meters depending on the model. To maintain the water resistance, do not operate the buttons of the Polar wrist receiver under water.

Which straps are better in the water?

The Polar T-Series transmitters (T31, T31C) utilize a one-piece design that encases all of the electrical components inside of the unit. The Polar T-Series transmitters have no battery compartment or O-ring seal to cause leaking or failure and does not have exposed electronics to cause corrosion. This is why a Polar T-Series transmitters are the only 100% waterproof transmitters available on the market today.

Some models are equipped with a Wearlink Transmitter. The Wearlink Transmitter is a soft transmitter with a changeable battery. The electrodes are encased in a fabric strap which attaches to a small plastic transmitter. Although the Wearlink Transmitter is water-resistant, the T-Series transmitters are 100% waterproof and are always recommended for any water sport activity.

If swimming is one of your main activities...

If swimming is one of your main activities, you should consider purchasing a model T31C Chest strap. Please note that you should first check that your monitor is not already shipped with the T31C chest strap, or if not, that the T31C strap is compatible with your monitor.

Other considerations with swimming

Heart rate measurement in a water environment is technically demanding for the following reasons:

  • Pool water with a high chlorine content and seawater may be very conductive and the electrodes of a transmitter may get short circuited and ECG signals cannot be detected by the transmitter unit.
  • Jumping into the water or strenuous muscle movement during competitive swimming may cause water resistance that shifts the transmitter on the body to a location where it is not possible to pick up the ECG signal.
  • The ECG signal strength varies depending on the individual's tissue composition. The percentage of people who have problems in heart rate measuring is considerably higher in a water environment than in other use.
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Select your FREE GIFT from our great POLAR™ accessories


 Complete List of POLAR Models Available

Click the following for more information or click 'pricing' to purchase

Polar FT1
Polar FT4 (Male & Female)
Polar FT7 (Male & Female)
Polar FT60 (Male & Female)
Polar FT80
Polar FT80 (Inc G1 GPS Sensor)
Polar FT80WD (Coming soon)
Polar RCX5
Polar RC3 GPS
Polar RS300X (Including G1 GPS Sensor)
Polar RS300Xsd (Including S1 Footpod)
Polar RS400
Polar RS400 (Including Footpod)
Polar CS100
Polar CS200cad
Polar CS300
Polar CS500cad
Polar CS600X (Including Cadence Sensor & IRDA Uploader)

 Why buy Your POLAR HRM from Sportstek?

Great reasons to buy your Polar Heart Rate Monitor from Sportstek:

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