Heat Wheat Microwave Hot and Cold Packs

Soothing and lasting Heat Therapy

Neck & Back Therapy Wrap


Very popular product, contoured to body shape with long straps and velcro to fasten around waist. Ideal for all lower back pain. Can also be used around top of spine or fastened around neck. Great Benefit for neck and back pain relief for men and women on the move.

Neck Warmer (Wrap)

Fits back of neck up to the hairline comfortably. Grain is concentrated to the back of neck area by sewn segments. Can be worn while moving about or travelling. One size fits all. Fits Snugly and comfortably around the neck up to the hair line. The grain is concentrated to the back and sides of the neck by sewn segments. Can be warn while moving about, reading, relaxing or when traveling.

Back Support Wrap


Comfortable to wear as a brace and to use as a support cushion. When heated, the added benefit of penetrating heat gives great relief for back pain. Can be worn under or over clothing and while sleeping. Large and Small products have almost the same sized area for heat application. The straps vary in size for waist measurements. Extension straps available for pregnancy or larger waits.



Therapeutic Collar


Sits comfortably and entirely around the neck and shoulders. Can be used while walking, bending, working and exercising


Physio Pad


For hips, shoulders, back, legs, chest pain, and relief and comfort on cold winter nights. The large Physio Pad covers most of the back and is popular with health care professionals in their clinics. They are both provide temporary relief for back pain and comfort and warmth on cold winter nights.


Handy Pack

Segmented product. Very handy size for lower back, neck, shoulder, chest, arms, stomach, period pain relief, hands and joints. Smaller than Physio Pad. Segmented product, which means it is also lighter in weight. Very handy size for pain in the chest, neck, shoulder, joints, arms, hands, lower back, stomach and menstrual pain relief. 190mm x 330mm

Heat Wheat Technology

The wheat used in the manufacture of HEAT WHEAT products is treated with our exclusive 'ULTRASHEILD' process to be free from bugs, mould, allergenic dust and moisture induced growth. This unique treatment process gives the wheat its superior temperature retention properties. Each treated batch is tested by the Seed Technology Laboratory at The University of Queensland in Gatton to ensure it meets our standards before we take delivery.

Our wheat is treated to ensure it does not contain harmful or dangerous chemicals and it will not grow, rot or go mouldy. Once you have tried an original HEAT WHEAT product, we are sure you won't want to live without one. The comforting and penetrating moist heat given by these products provides a far superior pain relief than any other type of heat pack. When used as a cold pack they are equally effective for treating injury or reducing body temperature caused by fever or heat stress.


If you have a problem with your Heat Wheat within the first two years from purchase date then we will be happy to exchange it for a new one. Proof of purchase will be required.



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