Orthotic Additions

Arch Pads, Heel Raisers, Metatarsal Domes, Heel Wedges etc

  Heel Lifts / Raisers

Heel raisers are orthotic components that sit underneath the heel region and raise both sides by a specific amount. They tilt foward; towards the toes.


Comffit  EVA LIFTS 

Our new heel lift range are made from 100% EVA. They feature the same shape and style as the common red version, with some enhancements:

Product imporovments & Benefits

  • Sold in retail packets of 2 pairs
  • 1mm wider to better suit current Australian market
  • Slightly firmer to reduce wedging from body weight
  • Superior 3M adhesive backing
  • Improved colour - if applied to open shoes, our warm grey colour is much less visible


  • 4mm height - Small, Medium, or Large
  • 6mm height - Small, Medium, or Large

Satisfaction Guarantee

Should you be in any way unsatisfied with the quality or performance of this product call us for a refund


Comffit  ELEVATORS  (Molded Heel Lifts)


Provide your patients a quality product that will last...

  • Will last 5 times longer under foot than standard EVA types
  • Have a flatter surface at the contact point (i.e. are not a wedge)
  • Have a slight lip shape to help prevent slippage in the shoe
  • Also have an Extra Large size and an 8mm option
  • Have an attractive sandblasted matt black finish that looks better in dress shoes
  • Adhesive strip to prevent slipping in shoe
  • Made in Australia
  • 4mm - Small / Med / Large / X-Large - Packet 3 pairs
  • 6mm - Small / Med / Large / X-Large - Packet 3 pairs
  • 8mm - Small / Med / Large / X-Large - Packet 3 pairs


Talar Made Heel Elevators

Adding the Trio Elevator (hee lift) can help reduce the stress on the achillies tendon and relieve pain associated with Achillies Tendonitis and Sever's Disease. When a structural short leg is present an Elevator can be applied.

Trio elevators come in different heights and should be placed under the heel area of the orthotic. Choose between sizes small, medium, or large. They are manufactured from extra firm density to prevent wearing out or crushing.

  Heel and forefoot WEDGES

Heel Wedges rasie the heel on one side only; that is, the slope from one side to the other.

Formthotic Wedges and Extended wedges


Formthotic wedges are available in either Standard size, or Extended size. In turn, these are available in sizes small, medium, or large. The standard size are 8cm long, whilst the Extended wedges are 14cm long and splay out slightly in their shape to cover the widening part of the foot. Packets of 5 pair only

Formthotic Heel Raisers

Now replaced with EVA LIFTS

  Arch Pads

Formthotic Arch Pads

Popular red Formthoic brand arch supports with adhesive surface underneath. Measure 10cm long and are 5mm high on the outer width. Packet 5 pair only.

  Metatrsal Domes and Raisers

Metatarsal domes



The Formthotic variety come in two sizes only - regular and large (for ordering: small/regular = size 1, large = size 2).

The grey ones are available in 4 sizes; 1, 2, 3, 4. The most popular sizes are 2 and 3, which are small and medium respectively.


The formthotic raises are available in packets of 5 pair, whilst the grey variety come in packets of 10 pair, or single pairs.


  • Formthotic Domes size #1 = 3 x 4cm
  • Formthotic Domes size #2 = 4 x 5cm

Talar Made Metatarsal Domes

Talar Made metatarsal domes offer a solution for patients suffering from forefoot conditions including Metatarsalgia, Interdigital Neuritis and Morton's Neuroma, by lifting and supporting the metatarsals.

Place the metatarsal domes on top of the orhotic in the centre of the device, slightly posteriorly to the metatarsal heads. Use either a small, medium, or large dome, depending on the size of the orthotic device. The metatarsal domes are made of a soft yet supportive density EVA for both effectiveness and comfort. A strong peel-away adhesive will keep this addition in place.


Pro-Tec Metatarsal Lift - Compression Pads

  • Alleviates conditions of 'fallen metatarsal arch', 'ball of foot' pain, Morton's Neuroma (irritated nerve endings), and bursitis
  • Provides comfortable lift to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th metatarsal heads
  • Absorbs stress, redusing strain to the metatarsal region.

"Having suffered a collapsed metatarsal for over 2 decades, I felt immediate relief when I started using the Pro-Tec Metatarsal Lift. Circulation is back and pain is gone!" - Ester Markusdottir

Sold in Pairs. Sizes Medium (Mens US 7-10, Ladies US 5-11) and Large (Mens US 10+, Ladies US 11+)



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