Orthotics and Foot Orthoses

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Footlogics: Medical Orthotics

Range includes:

  • Medical Range for standard orthotic fitting
  • Sensi Range for diabetes and sensitive feet

Footlogics SPORT

Your requirements:

  • Superior support for all sporting shoes

PhysiPod Orthotics

Range includes:

  • Full Length
  • ¾ length

Footlogics Catwalk

Your requirements:

  • A solution for sore, aching feet from wearing ballet flats or high heels

Superfeet (Range)

Range includes:

  • Green (unisex, extra support)
  • Orange (Mens specific)
  • Berry (Womens specific)

Footlogics Sensi

Your requirements:

  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Sensitive Feet
  • Poor Circulation

Talar Made TRIO Orthotics

Range includes:

  • Full length
  • ¾ Length
  • Slim Fit
  • Easy Fit
  • Heel pain orthotic

Foot Function

Range includes:

  • Medium Density
  • Firm Density


Range includes:

  • Full length, Red, Blue, Dual
  • ¾ Length Red, Blue, Dual

ICB Medical Orthotics

Range includes:

  • Dual density - 2/3 Length
  • Dual density - Full Length

Interpod Orthotics

Range includes:

  • Control Tech Soft, Full, ¾
  • Slim Techs

Superfeet Womens HIGH HEEL


  • Improves shoe fit and adds comfort to boots or fashion heels 1.5" or higher

Physipod Trimthotic

Range includes:

  • A medical grade Orthotic designed to fit in most types of fashion shoes, including women’s court shoes, sandals and boots with low to medium heel height and for men’s business shoes, casual and running shoes and difficult to fit footwear. The Trimthotic has also been used in Dance shoes, Ballet pumps and Athletic Sprint shoes.

Superfeet Easy Fit DELUXE (Men's & Womens)

Range includes:

  • Mens - for casual or business shoes
  • Womens - for casual or business shoes
  • Womens High Heel - for pumps

Sorbothane Shock-Absorbing Insoles

Range includes:

  • FLAT type for casual shoes
  • ULKTRASOLE for sports shoes and additional support

Footlogics KIDS Full Length

Range includes:

  • Full length support
  • Built-in shock absorber
  • Only One size (trim to fit)

Footlogics MEDICAL Kids 3/4 Length

Range includes:

  • 3/4 Length
  • Medical grade orthotics

Talar Made Orthotics 4-Kids

Major Benefits:

  • Restores mid-tarsal joint congruity
  • Enhances windlass mechanism of plantar fascia
  • Reduces heel valgus in the pronating foot
  • Prevents postural decline in the paediatric foot
  • Heat adjustable for optimal control

Orthotic Additions

Range includes:

  • Full range of Heel raisers, Wedges, Arch Pads, Metatarsal Domes etc. Click here for details

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