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Dentons Low Profile

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  • For side & back sleepers who have a petite to medium frame
  • Contoured Range

Dentons High Profile

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  • For side sleepers who have a medium to large frame, with dual height neck support
  • Contoured Range

Dentons Multi Profile

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  • For side & back sleepers who crave two way contours with extra support thatr cradles the neck
  • Sleepers who like a pillow that 'cuddle'
  • Contoured Range

Dentons Caress

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  • For side and back sleepers with 600 foam tips to caress the face and help ventilation
  • Contoured Range

Dentons Medi Rest

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  • For side sleepers who prefer the pillow medium high, with ultimate neck support
  • Cut-out section provides room for shoulder
  • Ridges help ventilation
  • Therapeutic Range

Dentons Anti-Snore

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  • For back sleepers who need support for better airflow that reduces snoring
  • Therapeutic Range

Dentons Comfort Wave

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  • For side and back sleepers who prefer a medium size
  • Ridges assist cooling during the night
  • Classic Range

Dentons Lowline COMFORT

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  • Standard foam
  • For children and petite sleepers who sleep on either side or back
  • Classic Range

Dentons Classic Comfort

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  • For side and back sleepers who prefer a traditional foam shape
  • Classic Range

Impressions Lowline
Memory Foam

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  • Slow release Memory Foam
  • For sleepers who move freely, and prefer a low pillow
  • Impressions Range

Impressions Classic
Memory Foam

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  • Slow release Memory Foam
  • For sleepers who move freely, and prefer a medium pillow
  • Impressions Range

Impressions INFINITY
Memory Foam

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  • Slow release Memory Foam
  • Same shape as Multi Profile standard
  • For side and back sleepers who prefer a contoured support that moulds to them as they sleep
  • Impressions Range

Dentons Latex Pillows

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  • Talalay latex
  • Breathable luxury
  • Choose density/size from Medium or Large

Dentons Plume

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  • Luxurious fibre filling
  • Gentle support, hypoallergenic, easy to care for (a dream to wash)
  • A 'hotel' style pillow

Dentons ULTIME

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  • The first of its kind - a co-moulded pillow for ultimate comfort and support
  • Suitable for all sleeping positions; ideal posture and sleeping alignment
  • Dentons' most complete/luxurious pillow

9 Great reasons to choose a Dentons Therapeutic Contour Pillow:

1) Reduce neck pain
2) Reduce back pain
3) Improve your spinal alignment
4) Improve your sleeping posture
5) Made in Australia
6) SUPERIOR QUALITY FOAM: 5 year warranty
7) Washable zip cover
8) Dust proof carry bag
9) Good value and reasonably priced

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A message regarding your pillow:

If the shape or resilience of the pillow is new to you, do not be alarmed if it is not immediately comfortable. You may need a week or so to fully appreciate the benefits of a quality therapeutic pillow, particularly if you have been a long time user of a soft unsupportive type.

Important: Be aware that some 'contour' pillows offered by larger chain stores are of a similar shape but the foam is too soft. This greatly lessens the support they offer - which is supposed to be the benefit of using one.

If you take good care of your pillow and the foam is always covered, it should be in good condition for many years. All foams will slowly lose compression over time. Dentons Softectm foam is guaranteed to stay well within Australian standards. Around 10 years of age, compression loss could mean that the therapeutic support is less than ideal and a replacement pillow should be considered.

5 Year Guarantee

In normal use we guarantee your pillow will maintain its therapeutic shape for 5 years after manufacture. Should our laboratory testing show any obvious shape defect during that period, the pillow will be replaced free of charge. Damage resulting from unusual use or abuse is not covered by our guarantee, which only relates to the quality of the manufacture.

With your new Dentons Pillow you will have many years of relaxing and healthy sleep, allowing you to wake feeling refreshed and free from tension.

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 Customer Feedback

Dear Mr Davern,

I used to suffer from terrible leg cramps and back pain when in bed and found it difficult to get a good night's sleep.

About six months ago I started using Dentons neck support pillow and the incidences of cramp reduced immediately. I am enjoying a restful deep sleep, waking refreshed and my wife tells me that I no longer snore.

My wife has a Denton 'Caress' pillow and also enjoys a good sleep. We believe the massaging effect of the pillow is the reason.

We are so impressed with your products that we have bought more for family and friends as Christmas presents, so they can enjoy the delights of really restful sleep.

Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Yours Faithfully

Geoffrey R May Brighton VIC 3186

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to congratulate Dentons for their wonderful pillows. Many years I have been searching for a pillow, soft but supportive, the right height & not falling away at the back. I want to thank you for all my comfortable nights and no more stiff necks in the mornings.

Yours Sincerely

Lynn Neary Castle Hill, NSW 2154



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