Pro-Tec Athletic Sports Supports

 Ice-Up Portable Ice Massage

Experience the benefits of direct, active ice massage: Effective treatments in 5-7 minutes versus 15-20 minutes for ice packs. Quick deep tissue relief for ligament, tendon, and muscular injuries. Immediate ice massage increases treatment effectiveness, speeding recovery.

 Massage Roller

Utilises bopth rolling massage and trigger point release. Includes instructions on treating many conditions.

 Pro-Tec Knee Patella

Compression on tendon helps to stabilise tendon and patella. Reduces strain to area and improves patellar tracking.

 Pro-Tec Knee Sleeve with Open Patella

Helps to alleviate conditions of general knee pain

 Pro-Tec Short Sleevetm Knee Support

Warmth and compression promotes flexibility and supports the knee.

 The Lifttm Pattella Tenson Sleeve

Combines the benefits of patella tendon strap with the warmth and compression of a sleeve.

 X-Factortm knee brace

Provides joint stability with buttress for patella support and a seperate adjustable layer

 J-Lattm Lateral Subluxation Support

Guides patella into proper alignment with gentle pressure from the lateral to medial direction

 Hinged Knee Wrap

Good support with Pro-Tec dual hinge, and the 'wrap' rather than pull-on makes it easy to put on, especically for those with injured knees and knee pain

 Shin Splint Compression Wrap

Targeted compression during activity stabilises soft tissue and helps prevent further injury.

 Calf Sleeve

Neoprene sleeve. Alleviate conditions of calf strains or tears and mild shin splints

 Pro-Tec Hamstring Compression Wrap

Alleviates conditions of hamstring strain or tear.

 Pro-Tec Arch Supports

This arch wrap applies upward compression to support and stabilise arch during activity

 Pro-Tec Metatarsal Lift Compression Pads

Peel and stick application keeps pad in place as it supports and relieves pain in the forefoot.

 Pro-Tec Ankle Wrap

Neoprene sleeve combines with elastic wrap to provide warmth, compression, and stability.


Helps alleviate symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis (arch and heel pain) while you sleep.

 Achillies Tendon Support

Compression pad stabilises and aborts stress to tendon

 Toe Flexor (Seperator)

Seperate and stretch tired aching toes before or after activity

 Toe Flexor (Seperator)

Blister Bands equalise pressure and help prevent blisters on your feet

 Toe Protectors

Custom grade silicon toe protectors. One size fits all

 Universal Wrist Wrap

Simple, adjustable neoprene wrist support. One size fits all

 Pro-Tec 'The Clutch' Wrist Brace

The Pro-Tec Clutch Wrist Brace provides support by stabilising wrist. Features dorsal splint.

 Back Of Knee Compression Wrap

Provides targeted compression may stabilize tendon or soft tissue and reduce strain to area. Compression may decrease inflammation associated with nerve entrapment.

 Pro-Tec SI Belt

For relief of Sacroilliac joint syndrome and strain to lower back

 Pro-Tec Back Wrap Universal

Supports lower back with warmth and compression.

 Pro-Tec Elbow Sleeve Support

Provides warmth, compression, and support to elbow region



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