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Quadrapolar Magnets Australian Made

New to the Australian market, Quadrapolar magnets are much more than a single static magnet; they are magnetic flux generators. A Quadrapolar magnetic device is made up of four alternating magnetic bodies, + and -. Health practitioners can prescribe the use of these magnets to relieve acute and chronic pain. They can be anchored down with standard plaster, Hypafix, strapping tape, or used in conjunction with Kinesio taping.

A Quadrapolar magnetic device is made up of four alternating magnetic bodies, + and -.

The Qmagnet or Quadrapolar magnet design in this device creates steep field gradients, which are essential for its effectiveness. This design is four magnets of alternating polarity (+/-/+/-) that are clustered together in such a way to produce symmetric steep magnetic field gradients, called magnetic flux. When placed over the nerves, Qmagnets work by blocking certain pain signals being transmited to the brain. It is a safe, non-invasive treatment for the temporary relief of pain and asistance in reducing inflammation.

QMagnets are effective for the following types of pain:

Hi, If you or a loved one suffers from strong pain, read on and discover how to get your Qmagnets as soon as you can and experience the difference these powerful devices can make.

You have no risk with the Qmagnet 30 day unconditional money back guarantee.

From: Dianne Hermans B.Phty, Senior Physiotherapist for 15 years, Brisbane, Australia,


Intended Use

Qmagnets are used externally and applied to the skin for the relief of pain and to help reduce inflammation. The types of pain that are typically treated with Qmagnets are pains of daily living including acute and chronic pain, neck pain, whip lash, shoulder pain, back pain, knee pain, ankle pain, sports injries, tennis elbow, dental pain, insect bites and headaches . Neither this information sheet, nor this technology is intended to be a substitute for any medical treatment that is recommended or prescribed by your doctor or health care professional.

Whats the Difference

Studies show that Quadrapolar magnets have a strong physiologic effect on abnormally firing C-fiber nerves. C-fibers are unmyelinated nerves with slow conduction and are associated with the chronic, dull ache type of pain. The most likely mechanism of action is that they alter nerve excitability as a result of changes in membrane permeability to sodium and calcium ions.

Magnetic Field

Extensive laboratory testing has shown that it's not the magnetic field strength, but the field gradient (steepness of the slope of the magnetic field) that is the determining factor in alleviating pain. This unique steep field gradient generated by the Quadrapolar array is what blocks the pain signal.

This is why the centre of a Qmagnet needs to be placed over the irritated nerve in order to get the full pain relieving effect of the device. Over a decade of cell research was done at Vanderbilt University Medical Centre in Nashville Tennessee and clinical data was collected at various Medical Centres and Universities around the world. The research repeatedly demonstrated the effectiveness of this device.



Since Quadrapolar magnets work by blocking the pain signal, it is important to find where these signals originate and place them over the offending nerve(s). This is in contrast to the many theories on how to use single static magnets. Single static magnets are usually recommended to be placed on acupressure points or somewhere over the pain and are said to somehow reduce pain by increasing circulation and flushing away chemicals that are the cause of the abnormal nerve firing. The mechanism of action and effectiveness of single pole magnets is the subject of much debate. The scientific research validating the Quadrapolar array is available at on request.

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Example Prescription

Using Q-Magnets for neck and shoulder pain

Neck and shoulder pain can be treated with Qmagnet devices with a three or four magnet placement.

4 Magnets

Four Qmagnet Placement:

Find the bulge at the base of the neck, this is the 7th cervical vertebra. If you go just above the bulge, that is the space between the 6th and 7th cervical vertebrae.The first device is placed approximately 40mm (1.5 inches) to the left of the midline. The second device is placed at the same level approximately 40mm (1.5 inches) to the Left of midline.

To find the first and second placements at the base of the neck easily, place them to the right and left of the midline at the points that are tender when pressed. The third device is placed approximately 50mm (2 inches) above the bulge at the base of the neck at the 4th cervical vertebra. For most people, this level is usually the hairline. The fourth placement is midline below the bulge at the base of the neck

Neck Magnets

Neck Magnets

TGA listed Class I Medical Device, ARTG No. 13223

Proper Application and Placement:

Correct placement of the Qmagnets is critical to their effectiveness. The devices work on abnormally firing pain signals so it is important to find the correct placement where these abnormally firing pain signals originate. For use in an acute injury, the correct placement is on the injured part of the body. For back pain that radiates to the sciatica, hip or thigh, placement is more complex and may require help from a trained health care provider. Check periodically that the Qmagnets have not shifted out of their recommended position

Shifts of as little as 1cm or 1/2 inch can result in missing the target nerves and so you will not get the desired result.

For example:



Qmagnets are:

» Are A Totally Safe, Drug Free, Non-Invasive Pain Relief Breakthrough;

» Have No Side Effects;

» Can Be Effective On Acute Or Chronic Pain;

» Can Relieve Pain Within Minutes;

» Do Not Impede Your Lifestyle At All;

» Are An Economical Once-Off Purchase - no expensive monthly fees!

» Were Developed By Medical Doctors At Vanderbult University in Nashville, Tenessee.

» Are A Class I Medical Device Listed With Australia's TGA, The Equivalent Of The US FDA.

» Are No Risk, With Our 30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee


"I could not believe that my pain could be stopped in its tracks..."

(Lynette Palmen AM Managing Director and founder of Women's Network Australia)

"For someone who had suffered such excruciating pain for so many years I could not believe that my pain could be stopped in its tracks by these tiny yet amazing devices.

From a scale of 10 - 1 (10 being the worst and 1 being the least) I had spent the best part of a decade sitting on an 8. Since being treated with Qmagnets I now spend the majority of my life sitting on 2 - 4. Qmagnets give me such amazing pain relief that some days I don't even feel like I have a spinal injury.

Better still since wearing Qmagnets I have come off all heavy medication, I don't have constant relapses sending me into hospital for weeks on end and aggressive spinal surgery is now on the back burner. I say, if you can't feel the difference when wearing Qmagnets - then you didn't have pain in the first place.

"Take it from someone who tried everything - these amazing devices work."

When I am in pain now, it's not because it's time to take my next drug it's because I have removed the magnets from my back (which are permanently placed with surgical tape) to go for a swim or to soak in a bath.

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