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Sportstek is an official Australia-wide supplier of all Thermoskin Supports to the physical therapy industry. You can buy Thermoskin Supports online by clicking on one of our pricing pages.

Thermoskin braces are well known for their quality and effectiveness in the treatment and prevention of soft tissue injuries. All supports are lined Trioxin®. Trioxin's material structure provides for a free-flow of air, allowing for skin ventilation and the removal of excess moisture. Correct ventilation minimises perspiration irritation and provides for long term wearer comfort.

 Advantages of choosing Thermoskin Supports

Thermoskin Supports with Trioxin

The application of prolonged heat to the affected area is a simple and rapid form of treatment. Heat promotes healing by the:

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 Thermoskin Knee Sleeve (closed)

A knee support for general use. Offers mild compression and heat retention.

 Thermoskin Knee Sleeve (open)

Similar to the closed sleeve above but with a patella cut-out. This opening provides some mild stability of the knee cap.

 Thermoskin Padded Knee

The padded knee is a knee sleeve with the added benefit of an extra layer of material around the front of the knee. This helps to protect an injured knee from knocks and bumps.

 Thermoskin Knee Stabiliser

The Knee Stabilizer provides greater support with inbuilt flexible stays and a buttress surrounding the patella. Effective for pain secondary to degenerative disease and medial and lateral instability.

 Thermoskin De-Rotation Knee

The Thermoskin De-Rotation Knee Support features both horizontal and diagonal straps. The diagonal straps help prevent rotation of the knee joint due to instability secondary to cruciate injuries and efficiencies.

 Thermoskin Bi-Axial Hinged Knee Brace

The Thermoskin Hinged knee braces is similar to the Stabiliser except that the stays have been replaced with removable dual pivot hinges. These permit functional mobility while ensuring stability and support following post-operative ligament and meniscus surgery.

 Thermoskin Thigh Support

Offers heat retention and mild compression to the thigh.

 Thermoskin Shorts

Shorts provide protection, heat and compression for thigh, hamstring and groin related injuries

 Thermoskin Calf Support

Provides heat and supports the calf muscle and lower leg. Protects against scratching to the shin.

 Thermoskin Ankle Wrap

Wrap Around ankle support offers heat retention and mild compression. Suitable for arthritic joints. Velcro closure for ease of use.

 Thermoskin Plantar FXT

Stretches the plantar fascia while sleeping. The plantar FXT has a semi-rigid strap that pulls the toes upwards and the foot into a slight dorsi-flexion position.

 Thermoskin Elbow Strap

This strap includes a pad that compresses into the forearm to unload tension on the muscle. Provides relief from pain associated with tennis elbow and repetitive injuries.

 Thermoskin Wrist Brace

Features a removable palmar spoon splint to aid in restricting flexion of the wrist joint. Choose from elastic or neoprene.

 Thermoskin Wrist and Thumb Splint

Features a removable palmar splint with locking strap and thumb spica. Useful in treating Carpal Tunnel, RSI and skiers thumb

 Thermoskin Flexible Thumb Splint w/ mouldable insert

Mouldable splint supports the CMC joint, while providing heat therapy and rigid support for UCL injuries

 Thermoskin Arthritic Gloves

Sold in pairs. Provide warmth to relive pain associated with arthritis. Also provide a surface for gripping items.

 Thermoskin Neck Support (Short)

Helps treatment of stiff necks and neck injuries by providing compression and warmth.

 Thermoskin Sports Shoulder Support

Provides protection, heat and support for the shoulder. Other models include the Standard Shoulder and the Double Shoulder.

 Thermoskin Back Support

Provides compression and heat retention to the lower back. A lightweight model with no compression straps is also available.

Why Thermoskin?

Thermoskin thermal supports as an adjunct to your normal treatment plan assist by:




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