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There are 3 choices of Paineze Tens Machines on this page. The most simple to use and lowest cost is the Paineze Plus. If you would like more functionality, opt for the Paineze Xtra. If you would also like the ability to recharge the unit and save on replacing batteries, opt for the Paineze Xtra-R. Accessories are also available.


 Paineze Plus

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We will refund the cost price of the unit less shipping if you are not completely satisfied with the Paineze Plus Tens unit. Returns must be received 30 day from the date of order.

What is PainEze plusT?

PainEze plusT is our brilliant new miniature, low cost TENS and the first of our exciting new EziStimT range.

Utilising the latest in modern electronics and weighing a mere 18 grams, PainEze plusT is like nothing else available. Never before has such a highly effective and clinically proven electronic therapy system been readily available at such an affordable price.

PainEze plusT produces tiny electrical impulses, which are sent to the central nervous system via electrodes placed on the skin. These tiny electrical impulses can override the normal pain impulses and cause the release of natural pain relieving hormones known as Endorphins into the bloodstream. The result is an excellent form of relief from a myriad of ailments, including chronic pain and arthritis - in a simple, easy to use system small enough to place in your pocket.

PainEze plusT is Simple to Use.


PainEze plusT eliminates the main objections raised by users about TENS machines. No more complicated switches and knobs - PainEze plusT has only two simple push buttons - one to turn it on and increase the stimulation intensity, the other to reduce the stimulation intensity and turn it off. At a tiny 18 grams, PainEze plusT is truly a miniature powerhouse for highly effective pain relief.

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How Does PainEze plusT Relieve Pain?

PainEze plusT relieves pain by using a method of pain relief commonly known as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), which is a well accepted mechanism for inducing a release of Endorphins into the body. We here at prefer to refer to it as Electronic Body Stimulation (EBS).

The pain relieving mechanism of EBS is multi-factorial. All sorts of issues factor in, including the type of stimulus, its frequency and duration. Acceptance of the technology by the user plays no small part - meaning that there is a strong psychological component to any pain experienced - so how one interprets pain and the choice of analgesia for that pain can be central. Having said that, the three most important physiological factors are an Endorphin release, pain 'gating' and the 'unlearning' of pain.

Endorphin Release

Endorphins are a hormone that occurs naturally in the body. Released in response to an injury or physical stress, they reduce pain and promote a feeling of wellbeing. Morphine, and related medications, have a similar chemical structure to Endorphins, which explains their strong painkilling effects. The word 'Endorphin' is made up of two words: Endogenous - native to the body, and Morphine - opiate-like substance.

Runners, and other athletes, experience a natural 'high' after about half an hour of sustained physical exertion. This is attributed to the steady release of Endorphins during exercise, which reach a threshold point within an hour, below which the effect cannot usually be felt.

Much like exercise, the endorphins enduced into the bloodstream by PainEze plusT may take up to 30 minutes or more to take a noticeable effect. Once pain relief is evident, however, the effect may last several hours before Endorphin levels in the body need to be increased again.

Pain 'Gating'

This pain relieving effect is very simply described using the example of someone that stubs their toe, then rubs it to ease the pain. When the toe is stubbed, the pain messages travel in sensory nerves to the brain, where they are interpreted and tell the person they actually feel the pain. Rubbing this same toe vigorously will also cause these new, 'non-painful' messages to travel to the brain, where they compete for attention. The non-painful messages are processed in favour of the pain messages, and we subsequently feel less pain. In other words, the rubbing sensation has 'closed the gate', so painful messages cannot get through. We all know from personal experience, the faster we rub our stubbed toe, the better the results. Your PainEze plusT works in just the same way!

An Unlearning of Pain

The repeated breaking of a pain-cycle enables the body to actually unlearn the feeling of pain. To achieve this unlearning reaction it is necessary to apply repeat doses, to maintain an extended pain free period of several weeks to long term.

The Best of Both Worlds

Your PainEze plusT is set to fluctuate from 20 to 70 pulses per second, promoting a most effective application of EBS. This provides both a release of Endorphins and provides a 'Gating' effect. A Gating effect should be evident within a short period of application, but for an Endorphin release (and extended pain relief), you should wear your PainEze plusT for at least 40 to 60 minutes. Applications for more than two hours will give maximum results. PainEze plusT can be worn safely for as long as required (including whilst sleeping).


Customer Review

My physio recommended the Pain-Eze TENS device to me about 4 months ago after 3 years of debilitating, chronic back pain. In a word, it has been life-changing. Although I was sceptical, it has broken the pain cycle and allowed me to increasingly benefit from my Clinical Pilates, walking and swimming program. It is small and unobtrusive and it has been fantastic to finally have a chance to sit my Uni exams pain free. As part of a suitable rehab program I can't promote it enough! I also recently purchased some replacement electrodes online and they were very reasonably priced and delivered extremely promptly. Thanks for the great service. I'll be back. - Sally, Brighton, Victoria

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 Paineze EXTRA

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 Paineze xtra-R (Rechargeable)

The xtra-R model features a fully rechargable battery and charger.

PainEze xtra-R Comes Complete With:

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