Velbexx-17 Balm

100% Natural Topical Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory Balm




The Soothing Power of NATURE

What is Velbexx-17?

Velbexx-17® is a 100% naturally sourced topical analgesic and anti-inflammatory balm that provides powerful temporary relief from aches and pains associated with muscle strains, ligament sprains, bruising, tendonitis, bursitis, stiffness and arthritis.

Who is it for?

Commonly used by Athletes at all levels, Therapists, Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists and similar sports / health related professionals.

Why use it?

Fast and lasting pain relief 59.93% w/w of active ingredients Non Greasy - Non Sticky - Non Staining Preservative, Drug & Steroid Free.

 Why use Velbexx-17?

Dear Consumer & Practitioner,

After twelve years in making including five years in a selective market and clinical testing (performed by physiotherapists and other allied healthcare professionals), we can say that we are proud and excited to introduce to you a new, 100% Australian, world class complementary medical product called Velbexx-17™.

Velbexx-17™ Balm is a 100% Natural, 100% Preservative Free, 100% Artificial Colour Free, 100% Artificial Fragrance Free, 100% Drugs & Steroid Free, Concentrated Topical Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory complementary (listed) medical product. We strongly believe that Velbexx-17™ will benefit thousands of consumers and healthcare practitioners around the globe who need and prefer natural pain relief and anti-inflammatory symptomatic treatment option. Introduction by Dr. Velimir Pajic (CEO, Company Founder and Inventor of Velbexx-17™ brand)


 What to use it for...

General Indications

For symptomatic relief from local pain and inflammation associated with:

Specific Indications

Headache pain (Frontal, unilateral/bilateral temporal and suboccipital)

Due to:

Neck (cervical) pain

Upper and Mid Back (thoracic) pain

Lower Back (lumbar) pain due to

Shoulder pain due to

Elbow pain due to

Wrist pain

Foot / feet pain and stiffness

For reduction of muscles and joints stiffness  

For local pain relief and reduction of stiffness associated with arthritis

For use under taping

The product's base is made from pure inner gel of Aloe vera and pure emu oil. It is intended to be used in smaller quantities. It is rather moisturizing than greasy.

If you wish to tape over it , please do following:

  • 1. Apply a hot pack following your treatment and leave it for a few minutes,
  • 2. Take hot pack off, dry skin with a towel, and allow further 15-30 seconds for skin to dry
  • 3. Then apply tape with or without adhesive.


Aloe Vera Juice (Aloe Vera barbadensis) Emu Oil Peppermint Leaf Cajaput Leaf & Twig Eucalyptus Leaf & Twig Arnica Flower
Rosemary Herb Wintergreen Herb Orange Fruit Peel Hypericum Flower Black Pepper Lavender Flower
Fennel Seed Lemon Grass Leaf Clove Bud Pine Needle Basil Grapefruit Seed Extract Liquid
Menthol Vitamin E Vegetable Glycerin Emulsifying Wax

Active Ingredients (59.9 mg/g or approximately 60% w/w):

Excipient Ingredients:

 How to apply...

A set of Youtube videos showing some application techniques can be accessed via the following link (new window)


 Major Sponsorships

General Manager of Hyundai Hopman Cup Sam McManus welcomes new official sponsor Dr. Velimir Pajic (CEO of VP Advance Nature Pty Ltd) and its product Velbexx-17.

Major Sponsor of the Wests Tigers "Injury Report"


›  “I am 25 years old and I work on mine sites all around the Pilbara (Western Australia) and currently on Barrow Island. I have back and shoulder problems and use Velbexx-17 which I find works great.”
Andrew D., W.A.
›   “Recently I injured my stomach muscles. I tried Velbexx-17 and it relieved my pain and helped me recover quicker, so I could get back to my normal routine.It is 100% natural and I would recommend the product to everyone.”
Ivana Vojinovic, Junior Tennis Player, RAASP Member
›   "I have been involved in sport and playing Australian Rules Football ever since I can remember - and I'm now into my 13th season at AFL level with the North Melbourne Kangaroos.

During my career I've been treated for injuries, tired muscles and niggling sore spots as well as preventative massage. I've had a number of physiotherapists, sports science experts and masseurs treat me using a variety of balms, creams and oils. Some burn, some are oily and several irritate my skin. Velbexx-17 balm has been brilliant in the latter part of my career due to the user friendly application, the healing affect and the soothing smell. I now request Velbexx-17 whenever I'm treated and carry a 20g tub on me when I travel to and from games for self application.

As a proud Australian, I enjoy the fact it's a quality 100% natural Aussie product and not only a balm but an anti-inflammatory balm - giving me the confidence I need to back up for the day to day rigour of my profession as an AFL Football."

Brady Rawlings, AFL Player, North Melbourne Football Club, 4th April 2011

 Buy Velbexx-17

Velbexx-17 is available in 50g or 150g tubes

Click here to buy Velbexx-17 online

›   Comments: Hi To You At Sportstek, I would like to let you know how satisfied I am with the Velbexx-17 cream. In 2011 I had a back operation that took 4 hours. I had very bad nerve damage and was Ii a lot of pain. The operation was a success. It took the pain from my leg, but I still get lower back pain. I have tried everything [to relieve the pain]. Then I saw on Today Tonight on channel 7 The Velbexx-17 and I ordered it soon after from Sportstek to try it.

I now use it every night before I go to bed and each morning. It has made such a difference to my life. I am 71 years old and I thank Velbexx-17 for their product . I have told all my friends about it.

Regards, Patricia K, Kinross W.A.



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