Free-Q Wireless TENS Unit

Combines TENS, EMS, ICT and Cupping Therapy at once

4 Functions in one:

Major Benefits:

What is TENS?

TENS stands for Transcutaneous (meaning 'across skin' Electrical Nerve Stimulation. TENS is a safe and drug-free method of managing acute and long-term pain. TENS can also be used to stimulate the contraction of muscle fibres and as a non-invasive method of accupuncture point stimulation.



Free Q is the only Tens machine which uses wireless technology and does not require leads and electrodes which degenerate and need to be replaced regularly.

Free-Q's use of water as a contact medium (no messy gels needed), remote control "one touch" operation, vacuum cup attachments and ingrained Nano-Silver technology for easy cleaning make Free-Q the easist to use TENS Machine on the market.

Add to this the advanced stimulation features of Free-Q such as the availability of medium frequency, low frequency and electro-acupuncture stimulation modes with multiple alternating wave frequencies within each mode and it is clear that Free-Q is the most advanced TENS unit available in the world today.

Exclusive Features of Free Q

  • Wireless Operation
    No wires to break or become caught in clothes and body parts.
  • No Gel Required
    Water is used as the contact medium. Eliminates the mess and effort needed to apply and wipe off sticky gels.
  • Individual Settings of electrodes
    Treatment mode and intensity can be adjusted for each electrode exclusively
  • Utilisation of Medium frequency currents
    Up to 4800 Hz resulting in deeper tissue penetration and reduced irritation compared to normal tens units (1-200 Hz)
  • Five different treatment modes
    Medium Frequency (2), Low Frequency (2), and electro-acupuncture stimulation modes.
  • One touch push button programming
    No "fine-touching" of dials and switches
  • Remote control operation
    Easy operation of as many electrodes as required from the one unit
  • Alternating Wave Frequencies within Each Mode
    Eliminates the "tolerance effect" and targets a wide range of pathologies.
  • Vacuum Cup Attachments
    Eliminates the need for adhesive electrodes and mess caused by sticky gels
  • Nanover™ Nano-Silver Technology
    Vacuum cups and electrodes are embedded with silver nano particles stabilised which possess a strong anti-microbial effect for advanced hygiene and easier cleaning.
  • Each electrode is a self contained unit!
    An advantage over a standard tens device is the ability to program each electrode seperately. For example, you may want to treat your back and upper leg at the same time, each requiring a different stimulation mode.
  • Save $ >> No more having to buy replacement gel or electrodes!

The secret of Free-Q

Each Free-Q single electrode is a TENS unit in itself, having a positive (cathode) and negative (anode) pole within the same cup. This allows for individual adjustment of each electrode and the use of only one, or as many electrodes as required, all controlled by one lightweight remote control device. Single electrodes are best for local stimulation and treatment.

Dual electrodes have one pole within each cup. The polarity alternates between the two electrodes during treatment, allowing for a range of effects at each electrode. These cups are best for wide-area stimulation and interferential therapy (2x dual-electrodes are required for interferential therapy).

Manufacturers Warranty

2 year warranty on defects in material or workmanship under normal usage conditions (2 years for private use, 1 year for commecial use). Should the product become faulty within the warranty period, FreeQ will either repair or replace the product free of charge once the product has been returned.

Deep Penetration of Frequency

FreeQuency consisting mostly of 'middle frequency' has more penetrating power deep into the body than standard TENS therapy

More Effective ICT
(Interferential Current Therapy) Treatment

A single vacuum cup is bipolar working the equivalent of two pads of TENS and with a combination of adjacent vacuum cups it has multiple (2n) effects on the body.

 Homecare Packages

Standard 4

The FreeQ Standard comes with a few optional packages. Each Home use package includes a comprehensive set of instructions, spray applicator and carry case. You can choose from the following package/electrode options:

Options and recommended uses

Product Name Configuration Uses
Standard 4
  • 2 small SINGLE electrodes
  • 2 medium SINGLE electrodes
  • 1 remote control device
  • 1 spray water bottle
  • 5 batteries
TENS therapy (practice and home)
Standard 4 Mixed
  • 2 DUAL electrodes
  • 2 small SINGLE electrodes
  • 1 remote control device
  • 1 spray water bottle
  • 5 batteries
TENS Therapy + Muscle Stim (large and small areas)
Standard 4 Corded
  • 2 medium DUAL electrodes
  • 2 small DUAL electrodes
  • 1 remote control device
  • 1 spray water bottle
  • 5 batteries
Interferential, Muscle Stim, TENS Therapy (large areas)
Standard 4 Corded
  • 2 Large DUAL electrodes
  • 2 medium SINGLE electrodes
  • 1 remote control device
  • 1 spray water bottle
  • 5 batteries
TENS therapy (large areas), Muscle-stim (larger muscles)
Standard 6
  • 3 small SINGLE electrodes
  • 3 medium SINGLE electrodes
  • 1 remote control
  • 1 spray water bottle
  • 10 batteries
TENS Therapy (practice and home)
Standard 6 Mixed
  • 2 Medium DUAL electrodes
  • 2 small DUAL electrodes
  • 1 small SINGLE electrodes
  • 1 medium SINGLE electrode
  • 1 remote control device
  • 1 spray water bottle
  • 10 batteries
Interferential, Muscle Stim, TENS Therapy
Professional Practitioner Pack 8C
  • 8 medium DUAL gold electrodes
  • 4 medium SINGLE gold electrodes
  • 2 remote control devices
  • 1 spray water bottle
  • 15 batteries
Multiple Patient, Interferential, Muscle Stim, TENS Therapy
Professional Practitioner Pack 4C
  • 4 medium DUAL gold electrodes
  • 8 medium SINGLE gold electrodes
  • 2 remote control devices
  • 1 spray water bottle
  • 15 batteries
Multiple Patient, Interferential, Muscle Stim, TENS Therapy

Big Sets - Home Care

Also avilable are Free-Q Big Sets, with larger electrodes:

Click Here to buy your Wireless TENS/Cupping Machine

 Practitioners Machine

These sets are recommended for practitioner use only:


Power source 3 V (CR2032) Battery
Wave Form Unlimited
Wave form Asymmtrical overlapping bi-phasic with mixed pulses of various shapes uncluding square, saw-tooth, triangle, and others
Output current 0-25mA into 500 ohm loading
Output voltage 0-140V
Pulse rates Medium frequency modes: 0-4800 Hz oscillating within each mode
Low frequency modes: 0- 120Hz oscillating within each mode
Electro-acupuncture mode: 1-5Hz
Pulse width 52µs - 300 µs oscillating within each mode
Modulation Generating 4 different patterns over 0.8-2 seconds per mode with wave patterns changing every 13-25 seconds



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