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OttoBock Omo Neurexaplus

Thermoskin Shoulder Brace

Physipod Orthotics

Comffit Ice 'n' Hot Wrap

Comffit wedge

Neck Rest

Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel

Comffit Heel Lifts

Ossur Speed Lace Ankle

Comffit Heel Lifts

Footlogics Medical Orthotics

Foot Function Orthotics

Tuli Heel Cups

Xceltrax Walkers

Adjustable Wobble Board

Comffit Balance Pad

Decline Board

SP Balance Disc

Comffit Folding Exercise Mats

Comffit Exercise Mat

Comffit Ankle Weights

Comffit Massage Ball Retail Box

Pro-Tec Massage Rollers

The KNOB Trigger Point Tool

Tubing with Handles Pack

Comffit Pilates Circle

SP Massage Balls

Resist-A-Band Band & Tubing


Flexi-Aid Hot&Cold Packs

Flexi-Aid Hand Exercisers

Verity Electodes

Sportstek 'D' Lumbar Roll

Comffit Shoulder Pulley

Comffit Thoracic Wedge

Freeform Board

Corpak Soft Comfort Range

Foam Rollers Range

Comffit Heel Lifts

Your requirements:

  • Do not flatten with use
  • Last 5 times longer
  • Improved shape

Comffit Thoracic Wedge

Your requirements:

  • Mid-back mobility

Comffit Ankle Weights

Your requirements:

  • Vary in 5 sizes per weight

Comffit One-4-All Wrist

Your requirements:

  • Fits both left or right hand
  • Shaped stay
  • Easy to adjust

Comffit Water Running Belt

Your requirements:

  • More stable in the water
  • Doesn't push you to the side

KNOB Trigger Point Massage

Your requirements:

  • Flat surface
  • Glutes, ITB, Arch, Hamstring, Hip, etc

Featured Products

New! Polar Loop Activity Tracker

For anyone who wants to track their activity 24/7 and get guidance to reach activity goals

On your wrist. On the web. On your mobile.

Polar Loop Click here for more info




New orthotic specially designed for women's shoes

Walking in heels means most of your body weight is placed on the front of your feet, causing the forefoot structure to collapse. This excess force and friction leads to common conditions like ball of foot pain, burning sensation under the foot (Metatarsalgia), callous and corns - even tired, aching legs! Footlogics Catwalk can help, find out more...

 FreeFORM Board

The new MUST-HAVE training/fitnes/physio/pilates equipment!

In its simplest sense, the most unique feature of the FreeFORM Board is its unlimited freedom of movement. No end of range of motion combined with no directional restrictions combine to allow supported body weight exercises that have never before been possible.

 Portable Pilates Reformer

NEW - DMA Portable Pilates Reformer, folds down to half size. Perfect for patient use or in a smaller clinic

 Velbexx-17 Balm

Velbexx-17 is a 100% natural, topical analgesic and anti-inflammatory balm that provides powerful temporary relief from aches and pains.

100% Natural

 Exercise PRO (Exercise Prescription Software)

Exercise Pro is designed for the use of Health & Fitness Professionals, to assist in prescribing exercises for patients and clients, with a particular emphasis on Rehabilitation.

Versatile, Comprehensive


 PhysiPod Range


A complete range of Exercise equipment, Foot Orthotics, TENS Machines, Silicone Podiatry Products, Products for Womens Dress Shoes, Socks, Face Sheets, Practice Consumables, In-store merchandising for your clinic ...

 Kinesio Tex Tape

On the heels of the unprecedented publicity and positive feedback from the 2008 Games in Beijing and the Australian Open Grand Slam Tennis tournament, we would like to invite you to experience what athletes and medical practitioners around the world are calling the rehabilitative and enhancement tool..

 Thermoskin Arthritis Gloves

Experience the relief these gloves can bring to arthritic hands! Anatomically shaped and secured with a velcro fastening. They provide warmth, even compression, and extra grip.

 New Polar FT Range (Cross Training)

Reach your fitness targets with the new range of Polar FT Heart Rate Monitors, featuring personalized training programs and targets designed for general fitness and the versatility of cross training...

 BackTone Posture Trainer

Teach your clients correct posture and then with BackTone, change their postural behaviour and habits...

 Body Blade

Perfect for shoulder rehabilitation, improving core stability. Combine with Dura Disc. 3 models

 Car Seat Support

Ideal solution for people who suffer back aches and pains from driving in vehicles for prolonged periods of time...


Sportstek is the official Australian Supplier of Pro-Tec quality supports and orthoses. Click here for the full range.

Thermoskin Supports - Click here for the product range

Futuro Supports - Click here for the product range

Dr. MED Supports - Click here for the product range

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